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Oakbridge Composite

Input array: MV

MV[11] Interest Rate on Line of Credit Financing CSF[;2] 0.13
MV[18] Periods/Year for Development (12=monthly projection,4 COSTMV[ 3] 1
MV[24] Periods of History or Budgeted Cost (forego COSTREF & COSTMV[ 2] 1
MV[25] Premium on Land Value to Add for IROR Calculation 24800000
MV[27] Do not extend with last column COSTMV[12] 1
MV[29] Date these inputs were saved (‘id[2]) (saveDate) 80784
MV[31] Starting Year (if MV[31]=1, then column headings are 1 2....) 1984
MV[40] Prevent ELIMRED (LANDEV FMT 1) & Prevent Any Elim. of Zero Rows 1
MV[44] DCF Valuation Rate °  
MV[48] Template File # for COA, Methodology, & Report Structure 995
MV[57] Force basis codes -1 & -3 to include 5 or 6 selected COSTMV[ 8] 1

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