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Oakbridge Land Development (no appreciation)

HOLDBACKHoldback terms (for CSF)
LANDLand cost
LUTTLSLand use names (also can specify analysis area) LANDEV
GANDARevenues or expenses entered as a periodic line item LANDEV
PACEPace of development for each land use (/ analysis area) LANDEV
Web Links 
COMPLETIONSConstruction completions
Format489Earnings Projection
MVMiscellaneous Inputs
Format492Projected Cash Flow by Line Item
Format491Projection by Development Area
Site Map 
Whats New 
CONTRACTSContracts written
COSTREFCosts, expenses, or revenues (-) expressed as avg rates LANDEV
COSTSDevelopment costs entered as a periodic line item LANDEV
Format480Landev Cash Flow (not organized)
Format482Financing Sources & Interest
Format488Cash Flow Projection
PRICEMarket Value per Unit for each land use (/ analysis area)LANDEV
PRODUCTLine items specified as a function of sel rows of PACE LANDEV

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