1FMVFile control vector FMV2013111600323138
2MVMiscellaneous InputsMV2013111600645195
3HISTEMPEmployment by SIC (for years indicated)HISTEMP2013111600645214 11
4GREMPFuture Employment by SIC (for employment driven model)GREMP2013111600645214 20
5LFPARTLabor Force Participation, Unemployment, Other EmploymentLFPART201311160064525 41
6INOUTCOMIncommmuting & Outcommuting for JobsINOUTCOM201311160064523 41
7PIHPPHHshld Ratios (Persons in Hshlds, Persons Per Hshld)PIHPPH201311160064523 5
8PIPCPersonal Income/Capita (years indicated; not inflation adj.)PIPC2013111600645131
9DPIFRatio Disposable Income to Personal IncomeDPIF201311160064511
10MORTMortality Rate by Age (total population)MORT2013111600645220 3
11POPAGEBPopulation by Age (from 1980 Census)POPAGEB2013111600645219 2
12INMIGAGEIn-Out-Migration by Age (from 1990 Census - SP 312)INMIGAGE2013111600323218 3
13POPFUTPopulation (for population driven model)POPFUT201311160064522 41
14IAFAdjustment to Rate of Income Growth by DecileIAF2013111600645110
15INCTHousehold Income by Persons per HouseholdINCT2013111600645210 7
16CFIDTABHouseholds By Income Level (from 1980 Census)CFIDTAB201311160064529 2
17HSGFUTFuture Assumptions about Housing Demolition & VacancyHSGFUT201311160064524 1
18NHDISTBNew Owner Housing Production by Price CategoryNHDISTB2013111600645110
19CENSUSCensus data, various topics (from successive censuses)CENSUS2013111600645235 5
20NHBASECurrent Housing Production (Housing Starts)NHBASE201311160032322 11
21NHREGADJRegional Adjustment Factors for Owner HousingNHREGADJ201311160064529 4
22FHAADistribution of Rental Housing by # BedroomsFHAA201311160064528 4
23FHABDistribution of Rental Housing by Rent & #BedroomsFHAB2013111600645223 4
24FHACComparative Rent Level by # BedroomsFHAC201311160064514
25HSGINVBHousehold Size by Tenure (from Census)HSGINVB201311160064528 2
26MRETSLSFRatio of Retail Sales to Disposable Personal IncomeMRETSLSF2013111600645113
27SLSSQFTSales per Square Foot for New Retail SpaceSLSSQFT201311160064522 1
29WSLFIOAllocation of Employees by SIC to Office & Ind.WSLFIO2013111600645214 2
31LUCODESLand Use Codes for New ConstructionLUCODES2013111600645130
32LUBASELand Use (Codes, Acres, Units, Density, Tax Value)LUBASE2013111600645294 11
37CAPREFLine items specified as capital expenditures LANDEVCAPREF2013111600645249 22
38COSTREFCosts, expenses, or revenues (-) expressed as avg rates LANDEVCOSTREF20131116006452473 13
40EDENSSq.Ft./Employee for Office & Industrial SIC CategoriesEDENS2013111600645214 2
42KDOLFPrice Deflators (Inflation Factors)KDOLF201311160064522 16
43EMPLLCategories for Employment ReportsEMPLL201311160082214 16
44EMPGPSOrganization of EMPLL into EMPLN groupsEMPGPS201311160032314
45EMPLNGroup names for EMPLL & EMPGPSEMPLN20131116008224 18
46TTLTitle for This Regional Model ApplicationTTL201311160082135
47QMVRental Housing Prototype & HUD Inc.RestrictionsQMV2013111600645135
48EHDISTBValue: Spec.owner-occ housing units (from 1980 Census)EHDISTB2013111600645214 2
51CFIDTACHouseholds By Income Level (from 1990 Census)CFIDTAC2013111600645225 2
52EHDISTCValue: Spec.owner-occ housing units (from 1990 Census)EHDISTC2013111600645220 2
53RENTDISTGross Rent: Spec renter-occ hsg un (from 1990 Census)RENTDIST2013111600645216 2
54FAROffice & Industrial FAR (sq.ft./acre) by SIC CategoryFAR2013111600645214 2
55POPAGECPopulation by Age (from 1990 Census)POPAGEC2013111600323231 2
56BIRTHRBirthrate for total population in child bearing yearsBIRTHR201311160064528 2
57ASBVARAssessable base varianceASBVAR2013111600645215 15
58ASBWANTActual assessable base (for calculating ass. base var.)ASBWANT2013111600645215 15