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Miscellaneous Inputs

1.Base Year 1980
2.Period Length in Years (for all projections) (see MV[16]) 1
3.Number of periods to include in the economic model (inc.history) 41
4.Growth Rate for Personal Income (after PIPC) 0.005
5.Absorption to Utilization Multiple (Industrial)  
6.Local Office Factor (1) (old data was: 1 )  
7.Vacancy Allowance in New Office Construction 0.1
8.Historical reduction adjustment in est. retail space  
15.Average Birth Rate for Population Proj. (old data was: .0178)  
16.Period length for population projection steps (see MV[2]) 1
17.Adj. factor to reconcile census income dist. & aggreg hshld inc. 1.12371865
18.Correction to regional personal income 0.7736698495
19.Minimum Gross Rent for 2 Bedroom Walkup (MV[49] $) 439
20.HUD Region (1=Northeast, 2=North Central, 3=South, 4=West)  
22.#INMIGAGE elements which are 5 yr periods (old data was: 6 )  
23.Price Below Which Owner Housing Is Subsidized (MV[49] $) 50000
24.Rent to Value for Assessable Base in Rental Units 150
25.Ann.Rate to Markup All Assessable Base Accounts housing mkt on income pre (0) or after (1) tax  
27.Local Office Factor (2) (old data was: 19.44)  
28.Ratio of res. absorption to building permits issued since MV[1] 0.14
29.Ratio MF owner-occ.starts (condos) to total starts 0.1
30.Scale Factor 1000 1000
31.Local Office Factor (3) (old data was: 0.62)  
32.Monthly rent increment for Rental Market Analysis 25
34.Total Personal Income 1990 (latest census year) (Current $) 22,082,400,000
39.Define Deciles As 9 or 10 Elements (old data was: 9 ) 10
40.Number of Rows of Employment to Inc. Non&Ag 14
41.File # for Chart of Accounts (old data was: 7600)° 2000
42.FCN # for Chart of Accounts Literals (old data was: 18)° 8
43.FCN # for Chart of Accounts Numbers (old data was: 19)° 9
44.DCF Valuation Rate °  
45.Safe Rate of Return for Liquid Assets for FMRR °  
46.Reinvestment Rate for Surplus Funds for FMRR °  
47.Minimum Reinvestment Amount for FMRR °  
48.File # for Format and COA Instructions 9525
49.Year in Which Constant Dollars are Expressed 1992
50.Database GIS id code  
51.Retail Sales per Square Foot (MV[49] $)  
52.Single Family Housing Starts Not Completed  
53.Multi-Family Housing Starts Not Completed  
54.Future 2nd home market (ratio 2nd homes to resident units) 0.14
55.Housing market is optimized for MV[28] MV[29] MV[54] (1=yes) 1
61.Increases in Sales PRICE per MV[60] are % (default=$/unit) °  
62.Share of project to give to partner (id# = ) °  
63.Entity id# for partner receiving % of profits °  
64.Entity id# for partner providing NOTEFIN financing (temp)°  
65.Include all accounts in in overhead & contingency(????)°  
66. °  
67.Alternative "Total Units" selection from °  
68.Adjustment Factor (PRODUCT & COSTREF accounts),e.g.% direct °  
69.Months in Construction Cycle (for timing of related $) °  
70.Costs to add for sensitivity testing in MV[49] Account °  
71.Period to Begin Expenditure of MV[70] Costs °  
72.Periods Over Which to Spend MV[70] $ in MV[49] Account °  
73.Seasonality Curve for Operating Account (from ) °  
74.Growth or distribution curve for each product (from ) °  
75.Growth or distribution curve for total market (from ) °  
76.2nd Template File # for COA, Methodology, & Report Structure ° 9525
77.3rd Template File # for COA, Methodology, & Report Structure ° 9525
78.Recalculate tax assessment rate to balance operating budget °  
79.New model for calculating interest °  
80.Version of Input Definitions (1=revised for 8/20/91 changes) °  
81.Vacancy Allowance in New Industrial Construction 0.1
82.Vacancy Allowance in New Retail Construction 0.05
83.Adjustment to taxable value before applying millage rates 1.087
84.Deprec life over which to reduce value of new assessable base 60
85.Most recent census year (1990) 1990
86.Base for LFPART[1;]: 0=tot pop, 1=persons 16+, 2=pop 16-65  
87.Reference tNI file for default inputs (for sensivitity testing)  

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