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A plan that will work for Haiti must be conveyed with a vision that will draw energy and commitment. To do that it must be understandable, easily expressed and understood. But to work, it must also be built on a solid foundation of good analysis and planning. The topics listed below must be expressed in terms that are brief, actionable and understandable. But as one digs into them one must find good analysis and planning supporting them. (These are top level topics in what will be a highly complex tree. By clicking on the plus signs one can "drill down" to greater detail and then one can close the detail by clicking on the minus sign. As this plan is developed, many topics will be added and all will be fleshed out with more detail and linked to even greater detail.)

Regional Expectations (core or basic economic activity)
Jobs & Labor Force (by public/private sectors, income levels)
Demographics (labor force participation, population characteristics, by sex & age, family composition)
Housing Requirements (policy & standards, prototypes)
Commercial Space Requirements
Industrial Space Requirements
Community Facilities & Services Requirements
Infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, electricity, landscaping)
Land Use
Development Schedule (major events & activities)
Entities (their roles, both public & private sector)
Documents for Planning & Control

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