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Palm Beach County

This is the Sandtown-Winchester model empowered to show alternative futures.

Inputs Outputs Views15104 ViewStatus ModuleStatus DataStatus (updated 5/25/15 13:10)

GREMP 20150223 ok X-1 Future Employment by SIC (for employment driven model)
HISTEMP 20150119 Y-1 Employment by SIC (for years indicated)
MV 20150117 Y-1 Miscellaneous Inputs
POPFUT 20150223 ok X-3 Population (for population driven model)
Emp 20150223 ok - Employment
LFPART 20150223 ok X-1 Labor Force Participation, Unemployment, Other Employment
INOUTCOM 20150223 ok X-2 Incommmuting & Outcommuting for Jobs
PopEmpLF 20150223 ok - Population & Relationship to Employment & Labor Force
POPAGEC 20150119 - Population by Age (from 1990 Census)
POPAGEB 20150119 Y-3 Population by Age (from 1980 Census)
INMIGAGE 20150119 Y-3 In-Out-Migration by Age (from 1990 Census - SP 312)
BIRTHR 20150223 ok - Birthrate for total population in child bearing years
MORT 20150223 ok Y-2 Mortality Rate by Age (total population)
PopByAge 20150223 - Population By Age
BirthDeathInm 20150223 ok - Births, Deaths, and Net-Inmigration
BirthsByAgeMother 20150223 ok - Births by Age of Mother (growth factor a)
DeathsByAge 20150223 ok - Deaths by Cohort Groups (growth factor b)
InmigrationByAge 20150223 ok - In-migration by Cohort Age Groups (growth factor c)
OutmigrationByAge 20150223 ok - Out-migration by Cohort Age Groups (growth factor d)
PIHPPH 20150223 ok Y-1 Hshld Ratios (Persons in Hshlds, Persons Per Hshld)
Hshlds 20150223 ok - Households
PIPC 20150115 X-3 Personal Income/Capita (years indicated; not inflation adj.)
KDOLF 20150117 Y-13 Price Deflators (Inflation Factors)
DPIF 20150317 ok Y-1 Ratio Disposable Income to Personal Income
INCT 20150223 ok Y-3 Household Income by Persons per Household
PersInc 20150223 ok - Personal Income (total Region)
DispPersInc 20150223 ok - Disposable Personal Income (total Region)
HshldsPTInc 20110421 - Households by Pre-Tax Income Range
HshldsATInc 20150223 ok - Households by After-Tax Income Range
CENSUS 20150223 ok Y-5 Census data, various topics (from successive censuses)
CFIDTAB 20150119 Y-4,13 Households By Income Level (from 1980 Census)
CFIDTAC 20150119 - Households By Income Level (from 1990 Census)
IAF 20150115 Y-3 Adjustment to Rate of Income Growth by Decile
HshldInc 20150223 ok - Household Income Summary (w/ Proj. to Reg.Pers.Inc.)
HsldIncPTDeciles 20150223 ok - Pre-Tax Household Income - Decile Distribution
HshldsATDeciles 20150223 ok - After-Tax Household Income - Decile Distribution
NHBASE 20150118 Y-5 Current Housing Production (Housing Starts)
HSGFUT 20150317 ok Y-5 Future Assumptions about Housing Demolition & Vacancy
HousingDetail 20150223 ok - Detailed Housing Model
Housing 20150223 ok - Housing Demand (by Tenure: Owner, Renter, 2nd Home)
NHDISTB 20150115 Y-5 New Owner Housing Production by Price Category
EHDISTB 20150119 Y-13 Value: Spec.owner-occ housing units (from 1980 Census)
NHREGADJ 20150223 ok Y-6 Regional Adjustment Factors for Owner Housing
EHDISTC 20150119 - Value: Spec.owner-occ housing units (from 1990 Census)
HsgPriceDeciles 20150223 ok - Price Distribution for New Owner-Occ.Homes by Decile
HsgPrices 20150223 ok - Market for New Owner-Occupied Homes by Price Range
FHAA 20150223 ok Y-7 Distribution of Rental Housing by # Bedrooms
FHAB 20150115 Y-7 Distribution of Rental Housing by Rent & #Bedrooms
FHAC 20150115 Y-7 Comparative Rent Level by # Bedrooms
HSGINVB 20150118 Y-7 Household Size by Tenure (from Census)
QMV 20150117 - Rental Housing Prototype & HUD Inc.Restrictions
RENTDIST 20150223 ok Y-15 Gross Rent: Spec renter-occ hsg un (from 1990 Census)
HsgRents 20150223 ok - Rental Housing Demand By Rent Level & # of Bedrooms
MRETSLSF 20150115 - Ratio of Retail Sales to Disposable Personal Income
SLSSQFT 20150317 ok Y-7 Sales per Square Foot for New Retail Space
LUBASE 20131125 Y-10 Land Use (Codes, Acres, Units, Density, Tax Value)
Retail 20150223 ok - Market for New Retail Space
EmpCommInd 20150223 ok - Employment Generating Demand for Comm. & Ind. Space
NewConst 20150223 ok - New Construction
LandNewDev 20150223 ok - Land Required for New Development
NewConstValue 20150223 ok - New Assessable Base From Construction
WSLFIO 20150115 Y-8 Allocation of Employees by SIC to Office & Ind.
EDENS 20150223 ok Y-13 Sq.Ft./Employee for Office & Industrial SIC Categories
FAR 20150223 ok Y-15 Office & Industrial FAR (sq.ft./acre) by SIC Category
Office 20150223 ok - Market for New Office Space
EmployeesOffice 20150223 ok - # Employees Contributing to Office Demand
Industrial 20150223 ok - Market for New Industrial Space
EmployeesIndustrial 20150223 ok - # Employees Contributing to Industrial Demand
ASBVAR 20150118 - Assessable base variance
ASBWANT 20150118 - Actual assessable base (for calculating ass. base var.)
AssBaseJustVlu 20150223 ok - Assessable Base Projection by Land Use (just value)
AssBaseTaxVlu 20150223 ok - Assessable Base Projection by Land Use (taxable vlu)
AssBaseMillages 20150223 ok - Assessable Base Projection by Land Use (millages)
PACE 20120424 ok - Pace of development for each land use (/ analysis area) LANDEV
CAPREF 20150223 ok - Line items specified as capital expenditures LANDEV
COSTREF 20150223 ok - Costs, expenses, or revenues (-) expressed as avg rates LANDEV
GANDA 20120421 - Revenues or expenses entered as a periodic line item LANDEV
AVAR 20120424 - Variances that can be used for any line item
FiscalProj 20150223 ok - Fiscal Projection
Format480 20120421 - Landev Cash Flow (not organized)
Format482 20120424 - Financing Sources & Interest
Format488 20120424 - Cash Flow Projection
Format489 20120424 - Earnings Projection
Format491 20120424 - Projection by Development Area
Format492 20120424 - Projected Cash Flow by Line Item
KeyMeasures 20110421 - Key Measures
DemandBases 20150223 ok - Demand Bases
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