1FMVFile control vector FMV19930514.1100323138
2MVMiscellaneous InputsMV19950730.1300645195
3HISTEMPEmployment by SIC (for years indicated)HISTEMP19950509.1100645214 11
4GREMPFuture Employment by SIC (for employment driven model)GREMP19930521.1900645214 20
5LFPARTLabor Force Participation, Unemployment, Other EmploymentLFPART19930521.190064525 41
6INOUTCOMIncommmuting & Outcommuting for JobsINOUTCOM19930521.190064523 41
7PIHPPHHshld Ratios (Persons in Hshlds, Persons Per Hshld)PIHPPH19950509.110064523 5
8PIPCPersonal Income/Capita (years indicated; not inflation adj.)PIPC19930521.1900645131
9DPIFRatio Disposable Income to Personal IncomeDPIF19950509.110064511
10MORTMortality Rate by Age (total population)MORT19950520.0900645220 3
11POPAGEBPopulation by Age (from 1980 Census)POPAGEB19950509.1100645219 2
12INMIGAGEIn-Out-Migration by Age (from 1990 Census - SP 312)INMIGAGE19950509.1100323218 3
13POPFUTPopulation (for population driven model)POPFUT19930521.190064522 41
14IAFAdjustment to Rate of Income Growth by DecileIAF19950509.1100645110
15INCTHousehold Income by Persons per HouseholdINCT19950509.1100645210 7
16CFIDTABHouseholds By Income Level (from 1980 Census)CFIDTAB19950509.110064529 2
17HSGFUTFuture Assumptions about Housing Demolition & VacancyHSGFUT19950509.110064524 1
18NHDISTBNew Owner Housing Production by Price CategoryNHDISTB19950524.200645110
19CENSUSCensus data, various topics (from successive censuses)CENSUS19950705.1700645235 5
20NHBASECurrent Housing Production (Housing Starts)NHBASE19950509.110032322 11
21NHREGADJRegional Adjustment Factors for Owner HousingNHREGADJ19950509.110064529 4
22FHAADistribution of Rental Housing by # BedroomsFHAA19950509.110064528 4
23FHABDistribution of Rental Housing by Rent & #BedroomsFHAB19950509.1100645223 4
24FHACComparative Rent Level by # BedroomsFHAC19950509.110064514
25HSGINVBHousehold Size by Tenure (from Census)HSGINVB19950509.110064528 2
26MRETSLSFRatio of Retail Sales to Disposable Personal IncomeMRETSLSF19950509.1100645113
27SLSSQFTSales per Square Foot for New Retail SpaceSLSSQFT19950509.110064522 1
28SQFTWRKRTrend in Sq Ft/Office/Ind. Worker in New Buildings over timeSQFTWRKR19930518.07001111
29WSLFIOAllocation of Employees by SIC to Office & Ind.WSLFIO19950509.1100645214 2
30OFFREPLDemolition of Office SpaceOFFREPL19930429.21001111
31LUCODESLand Use Codes for New ConstructionLUCODES19950509.1100645130
32LUBASELand Use (Codes, Acres, Units, Density, Tax Value)LUBASE19950509.1100645294 11
33PACEPace of development for each land use (/ analysis area) LANDEVPACE19950521.20064511
34PRICEMarket Value per Unit for each land use (/ analysis area)LANDEVPRICE19920927.09001111
35LUTTLSLand use names (also can specify analysis area) LANDEVLUTTLS19950521.20064511
36PRODUCTLine items specified as a function of sel rows of PACE LANDEVPRODUCT19920927.09001111
37CAPREFLine items specified as capital expenditures LANDEVCAPREF19950606.1400645249 22
38COSTREFCosts, expenses, or revenues (-) expressed as avg rates LANDEVCOSTREF19950514.16006452473 13
39COSTSDevelopment costs entered as a periodic line item LANDEVCOSTS19930520.18001111
40EDENSSq.Ft./Employee for Office & Industrial SIC CategoriesEDENS19950509.1100645214 2
41GANDARevenues or expenses entered as a periodic line item LANDEVGANDA19950509.11001120 0
42KDOLFPrice Deflators (Inflation Factors)KDOLF19950509.110064522 16
43EMPLLCategories for Employment ReportsEMPLL19950509.110082214 16
44EMPGPSOrganization of EMPLL into EMPLN groupsEMPGPS19950509.110032314
45EMPLNGroup names for EMPLL & EMPGPSEMPLN19950509.11008224 18
46TTLTitle for This Regional Model ApplicationTTL19930710.110082135
47QMVRental Housing Prototype & HUD Inc.RestrictionsQMV19950509.1100645135
48EHDISTBValue: Spec.owner-occ housing units (from 1980 Census)EHDISTB19950509.1100645214 2
49EMPSORTLink for Historical & Projected Employment CategoriesEMPSORT19950509.1100110
50INDREPLDemolition of Industrial SpaceINDREPL19930520.18001111
51CFIDTACHouseholds By Income Level (from 1990 Census)CFIDTAC19950509.1100645225 2
52EHDISTCValue: Spec.owner-occ housing units (from 1990 Census)EHDISTC19950509.1100645220 2
53RENTDISTGross Rent: Spec renter-occ hsg un (from 1990 Census)RENTDIST19950509.1100645216 2
54FAROffice & Industrial FAR (sq.ft./acre) by SIC CategoryFAR19950509.1100645214 2
55POPAGECPopulation by Age (from 1990 Census)POPAGEC19950509.1100323231 2
56BIRTHRBirthrate for total population in child bearing yearsBIRTHR19950509.110064528 2
57ASBVARAssessable base varianceASBVAR19950509.1100645215 15
58ASBWANTActual assessable base (for calculating ass. base var.)ASBWANT19950509.1100645215 15
59AVARVariances that can be used for any line itemAVAR19950514.10064511
60HFORMHousehold formation ratesHFORM19950602.050064511
61CRIMERCrime Rate by Age (indexed crime, total population)CRIMER19950616.13001111