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Riverglade Homes

Input array: MV

MV[ 6] Rate/Year to Increase Sales Price or Revenues COSTMV[ 4] 0.05
MV[ 9] Cash Advances End of Period (0) Midway (.5) Beginning (1) °  
MV[11] Interest Rate on Line of Credit Financing CSF[;2] 0.13
MV[20] Periods Up Front to Insert Before Aggregating to Years 1
MV[24] Periods of History or Budgeted Cost (forego COSTREF & COSTMV[ 2] 1
MV[26] Residual(0=none)(ˆ.2=Cap.Cash Flow)(ˆ1=% of net cost)(>1=value) 1
MV[29] Date these inputs were saved (‘id[2]) (saveDate) 32483
MV[32] Account for Residual Value (takes precedence) 1610
MV[41] File # for Chart of Accounts ° 990
MV[48] Template File # for COA, Methodology, & Report Structure 990

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