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601 Liberty, 1.1M sf Office, Conventional Mortgage

Schedule W: Development Cash Flow


costs exc. future Total JFM'86 AMJ'86 JAS'86 OND'86 JFM'87 AMJ'87 JAS'87 OND'87 JFM'88 AMJ'88 JAS'88
Field Expense                        
Land Development                        
Building Cost 132000     2640 7920 13200 23760 34320 43560 6600    
Tenant Improvements                        
Architecture & Engineering                        
Furniture & Equipment                        
Misc. Administration                        
Dev. Costs Expensed                        
Grants & Reimbursements                        
Land 12920 12920                    
Financing Fees 2028 676                   1352
Total 146948 13596   2640 7920 13200 23760 34320 43560 6600   1352

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