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ABCO Joint Venture

Input array: AVI

AVI[1] No. of acres (or sq.ft. of land) 4.024390244
AVI[2] Land cost (/acre or /sq.ft.)(Total $ if AVI[1]=0) 372.7272727
AVI[3] Rent periods/year (1 or 365=commercial;12=resid.) 1
AVI[4] Building efficiency (GLA:GBA) (or GLA) 0.9200607134
AVI[6] Units to develop 138.355
AVI[10] Date of costs to date (CM[;6]) 60180
AVI[12] Land development 2.52972426
AVI[13] Building cost ($/sq.ft.if AVI[101]=sq.ft.) 37.97477504
AVI[14] Tenant improvements (comm) service structures (res.) 4.33667016
AVI[15] Architecture & engineering 1.857540385
AVI[17] Furniture & equipment 0.72277836
AVI[18] Misc. admin 0.505944852
AVI[20] Est.const.int,fin.fees,acctg.adj.(ProCash checks) 6.953841589
AVI[21] Contingency, errors & ommissions 1.62625131
AVI[23] Opening date for property 100181
AVI[24] Start of construction loan availability 80180
AVI[25] Date permanent mortgage deal made 100181
AVI[38] Construction financing interest rate 0.15
AVI[39] Internal interest rate 0.15
AVI[40] Minimum income/unit before vacancy(ex.AVI[7]units) 13.0556535
AVI[41] Other income/unit (vacancy applies;ex.AVI[7]units) 0.400644173
AVI[55] Operating expenses (fixed, per unit) 4
AVI[61] 1st mortgage loan to value Ratio or $ Amount 7804.855916
AVI[62] 1st mortgage interest rate 0.12
AVI[63] 1st mortgage term in Years (0=interest only) 40
AVI[83] Developers share of ownership 0.1
AVI[84] Lenders share of ownership 0.5
AVI[85] Investors share of ownership 0.4
AVI[90] Land lease rate (% of AVI[92] Price or $/Year) 0.12
AVI[95] When land sale-leaseback transacted 100181
AVI[112] Capitalization Rate for Mortgage 0.11
AVI[113] Capitalization Rate for Ending Value(0=Orig.Cost) 11000
AVI[120] Investors Tax Rate 0.5
AVI[127] Points 1st Mtge When Perm. Deal Made AVI[25] 0.005
AVI[128] Points 1st Mtge at Const. Loan Settlem AVI[24] 0.0075
AVI[135] Periods from Start of Analysis to Opening(MV[18]) MV[5] 16
AVI[142] No.Periods to project (MV[19] period definition) MV[13] 19
AVI[149] Partners Share Oper.Losses(0) No=1 (2=dev.meets from Fin./Eq) MV[22]  
AVI[152] Exclude operating losses AVI[44] from mortgage financing(0=inc.)MV[25]  
AVI[154] Appreciation Rate Current Market Value if AVI[113]>1 MV[27] 0.1
AVI[155] Periods to Lag MV[27] App.Rate to be Conservative MV[28] 1
AVI[178] Structure:5 if method 1,11 if method 2,other if 3 MV[55]  

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