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ABCO Joint Venture

Format420Project Cash Flow
Format418Cash Flow By Participant
Format424Residual Values & IROR'S
Format426Present Value By Participant By Line Item
Format421Taxable Income
Format409Development Cash Flow
Format401Sources Of Financing
Format423Operating Reserve & Excess Financing
Format413Debt Service Schedule
Format412Depreciation Schedules
Format404Tax Liability on Residual Values
Format429Detail Of Investment Adjustment
Format402Reconciliation Project/Distributed Cash
Format422Basis Accounts
Format428Detail Of Present Value
Format405Sources Of Financing II
Format406Development Cash Flow II
Format407Construction Interest Earned
Format408Sources Of Financing III
Format415Development Cash Flow III
Format416Operating Cash Flow
Format417Total Cash Flow By Participant
AVISimple Inputs
MVSimple Inputs II
QTRConstruction Schedule
CSFConstruction Financing
RURent Up Cash Flow

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