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PSC Regional Shopping Center: 10 Year Refinance (6 37)

Input array: AVI

AVI[1] No. of acres (or sq.ft. of land) 91.925
AVI[2] Land cost (/acre or /sq.ft.)(Total $ if AVI[1]=0) 150000
AVI[3] Rent periods/year (1 or 365=commercial;12=resid.) 1
AVI[6] Units to develop 360000
AVI[13] Building cost ($/sq.ft.if AVI[101]=sq.ft.) 115
AVI[20] Est.const.int,fin.fees,acctg.adj.(ProCash checks) 8.333333333E-8
AVI[28] Mos. after open to realize expected income 36
AVI[29] Vacancy at opening as a decimal of total $ 0.39
AVI[40] Minimum income/unit before vacancy(ex.AVI[7]units) 23
AVI[44] Start-up operating losses (financed & expensed) 3.368022276
AVI[53] Vacancy rate (in normal operating years) 0.05
AVI[56] Variable expenses (percent of income) 0.08
AVI[57] Financing subsidy or sales (see AVI[124]) 1
AVI[60] Capital replacement (decimal of DFI or $/unit/yr) 0.05
AVI[61] 1st mortgage loan to value Ratio or $ Amount 1
AVI[62] 1st mortgage interest rate 0.105
AVI[63] 1st mortgage term in Years (0=interest only) 35
AVI[78] Refinancing (date or months until) 120
AVI[79] Refinanced mortgage:loan to value ratio or $ amt. 0.5546
AVI[80] Interest rate expected at refinancing 0.12
AVI[81] Term expected at refinancing 35
AVI[90] Land lease rate (% of AVI[92] Price or $/Year) 0.1
AVI[93] Who will own land (if land lease exists) 3
AVI[96] Mortgage amounts based on cost (default=value) 1
AVI[112] Capitalization Rate for Mortgage 0.08
AVI[113] Capitalization Rate for Ending Value(0=Orig.Cost) 0.08
AVI[114] DCF Valuation Rate (total project) 0.15
AVI[115] Developers Opportunity Rate 0.12
AVI[116] Lenders Opportunity Rate 0.12
AVI[117] Investors Opportunity Rate 0.12
AVI[123] Ground Rent Unsubordinated (default=subordinated) 1
AVI[126] Points at Refinancing on New 1st Mtge AVI[78] 0.03
AVI[131] Annual Growth Rate for Gross Income MV[1] 0.05
AVI[132] Annual Growth Rate for Operating Expenses MV[2] 0.05
AVI[133] No. of Years to Hold Income Constant MV[3] 5
AVI[134] No. of Years to Hold Operating Expenses Constant MV[4] 5
AVI[142] No.Periods to project (MV[19] period definition) MV[13] 20
AVI[145] End Land Vlu:0=-1↑land;<.2=caprate GR&KKRS;1‰.2=% vlu;>1=vlu) MV[16] 0.25
AVI[158] Starting Year (if MV[31]=0, then 1 2..) MV[31] 1988
AVI[171] Selling Comm. & Expense Rate at Ending Sale MV[47] 0.02
AVI[179] columns are (0)trials;(1)versions;(2)phases MV[56] 2
AVI[186] Base Data in MV[64] 1

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