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EditImgDB is the first use of what will be a profound utility which is presently called "qkGrid". The idea of qkGrid is that one has a table with many records, hundreds or thousands of "contacts", or "projects", or library items ("videos"), and one needs to select from them one or many by a creative process of sorting, deleting, and finally selecting. At present this facility is only able to select one row using "gvCell", but assuming we can highlight multiple rows for deletion or selection, it has profound additional possibilities. I've been working on this facility for many years; prior versions of it were called "qkIterativeSearch". It needs to display the entire matrix using APL.Grid and allow manipulation by buttons at the bottom. Current thinking on buttons is in "zqGridEnd"; the programmer will select the buttons to be available and the user will use them creatively. At present it works pretty well using qkPopUpG which in turn uses Davin's PopUp, but the "Protect" property does not seem to work in that function. So zqGrid is Bill's and Carl's alternative which does "Protect" but which lacks other essential features.


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