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This is a place for cumulating tips from the creator of Parkenet who is doing interesting things with
Microsoft Virtual Earth This page will also have some of my observations.

I like having a nearly full-screen map (if you press F11 in IE you're almost there (click F11 again to undo it); I could add a few pixels if I calculated out the title at the top of the page.) I added the zoom and latitude/longitude look-up just today (7/18/07) (Google accepts lat/lng in the same find-location method as street addresses; Virtual Earth only accepts them as direct input to center the map.) I've been capturing the screen with Alt+Print-screen and pasting into Paint Shop Pro, then crop to the map area and save. The new Clear Markers and Hide [Map] Controls buttons allow a clean view. Was tickled to discover the bird's eye view of my late father's house in Lehigh Acres shows his car in the driveway -- must have been taken about 2003.

Funny you should mention Africa; I've never been there and have never spent much time looking at maps of it, however yesterday was fascinated with the topography and features of South Africa, scanning for miles and miles by dragging the aerial view in VE. Beautiful.

Double-clicking a point on the Virtual Earth map centers and zooms to that point and my page displays the latitude, longitude in the edit box below (it changes with every change in the center of the map.) Good way to get accurate coordinates once you're zoomed in on a location.

Experimenting with Bonodeau, Haiti.

    Lat/Lng: 18.28424176682242, -73.65010740516588, defaults to zoom 10. The slider is a very clumsy way to adjust zoom. The zoom data entry box has potential to be a better way, but I don't see how to redraw the map at the new zoom. It appears that the slider is a discrete slider whereby stops match zoom 8, zoom 9, etc. ?

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