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St. Lucie West Warehouse (condo-sens.test)

MVMiscellaneous Inputs
PRICEMarket Value per Unit for each land use (/ analysis area)LANDEV
LUTTLSLand use names (also can specify analysis area) LANDEV
PRODUCTLine items specified as a function of sel rows of PACE LANDEV
COSTREFCosts, expenses, or revenues (-) expressed as avg rates LANDEV
COSTSDevelopment costs entered as a periodic line item LANDEV
GANDARevenues or expenses entered as a periodic line item LANDEV
LANDLand cost
Format480Landev Cash Flow (not organized)
Format482Financing Sources & Interest
Format488Cash Flow Projection
Format489Earnings Projection
Format491Projection by Development Area
Format492Projected Cash Flow by Line Item

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